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Blue Dapple sighting at The Musket Room, New York

6 April 2017

The Michelin star a la carte restaurant, The Musket Room, has shared a photo of a truly exquisite dish which is presented on a Steelite Performance Blue Dapple plate.

Situated in New York, The Musket Room brings an authentic taste of New Zealand to modern America. The venue itself exudes a rustic yet contemporary ambience as old effortlessly meets new. With mid century brass chandeliers and exposed brick walls, The Musket Room is brimming with a creativity and charm which is married with a simple elegance and sophistication. Nowhere is this clearer than through the dishes served; creative, vibrant and delightfully simple, the dish looks truly exquisite on Blue Dapple tableware.

With a crisp, lustrous glaze, Blue Dapple provides chefs with the platform to create show stopping presentations within a casual or modern bistro dining environment.

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