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Craft spotted at Kachka in Portland

20 March 2019

Steelite International’s Craft catering plates have been spotted at Kachka, a contemporary restaurant in Portland which has sparked a Russian “food revolution” in America. Since the restaurant first opened in 2014, Kachka has been listed in America’s Essential Restaurants of 2015, 2016 and 2017 by Eater and GQ’s list of Most Outstanding Restaurants for 2015. Bringing an authentic taste of Eastern Europe to the U.S., each dish served is bursting with deep, mouth-watering flavours whilst the restaurant itself exudes a warm and lively atmosphere as chefs Bonnie and Israel Morale turn lunch and dinner into exciting events. The cuisine pictured reflects this perfectly as the image shows eight stunning meals which are being carefully presented on Craft. Made from our strong alumina vitrified clay body and featuring a lustrous gem-like glaze, the carefully selected catering plates provide the perfect platform for creating exciting food presentations, all whilst adding warmth to the tabletop

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