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Craft Blue at Billy’s Pub in Russia

29 May 2019

Steelite International’s Craft Blue has been spotted at Billy’s Pub, a gastro pub in Vladivostok, Russia. With a cosy atmosphere which is characteristic of a traditional English pub, a delicious selection of beers and ales, and a menu which features classic English and European fare, the gastro pub provides the perfect pit stop for enjoying a scrumptious breakfast, a light lunch or a hearty dinner in good company. The cuisine pictured reflects this perfectly, showing four delicious looking dishes which have been beautifully presented on Craft catering plates. Inspired by hand-crafted, simple country wares made by generations of potters over hundreds of years, each plate boasts a colourful gem-like glaze which adds a warm, welcoming and rustic feel to the tabletop, perfect for the friendly ambiance of Billy’s Pub.

Made in our strong alumina vitrified body and available in 8 stunning colors, Craft allows chefs to add a burst of colour to any tabletop presentation. To view from the Steelite International Performance ranges, follow the links below.

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