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Craft at Darjeeling Express

17 August 2017

Steelite International’s Craft has been spotted at the Darjeeling Express in London.

Bringing an authentic taste of Calcutta to England, the Darjeeling Express is renowned for being one of the best restaurants in the whole of London. The cuisine served is designed to take guests on a sensual journey from the East of India to the South, and each dish boasts an exciting combination of flavours and textures which complement one another perfectly. The venue itself has a warm and welcoming ambience which invites guests to come together to share their dining experience. The cuisine pictured reflects this perfectly as it shows a selection of beautiful dishes which are presented on Steelite International’s Craft tableware. Hand glazed with warm and lustrous effects, the plates and dishes complement one another perfectly. This home cooked food which is created with love and passion is beautifully presented on the unique and individual Craft collection.

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