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Craft White spotted at Camino, London

31 July 2017

Camino Tapas Bar and Restaurant in London has shared a photo of a simply delightful dish which is presented on Steelite International’s Craft.

Bringing an authentic taste of Spain to London, Camino is renowned for serving bold and exciting dishes which are a true feast for the senses. Every dish is crafted from authentic seasonal flavours and the restaurant itself exudes a welcoming and unhurried ambience which provides a blissful contrast to the busy London streets outside. The cuisine pictured reflects this perfectly as it shows a vibrant meal which is beautifully presented on a Steelite International’s Craft catering tableware. With a rich, rustic finish, Craft effortlessly reflects the authentic and welcoming ambience of the restaurant, whilst accentuating the care and attention to detail which has gone into creating the mouth-watering meal.

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