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Flawless transitions with Steelite International’s Scape

6 April 2017

Inspired by the natural landscape, Steelite International's recent launch, Scape, is a truly beautiful range of catering tableware which effortlessly transitions through dining styles.

Scape explores a multi material approach to reflect our changing lifestyles and delivers truly innovative dining experiences.

From casual dining to formal fine dining, Scape provides an elegant and eye catching platform for creating truly beautiful food presentation. The fluid curved embossments and subtle textures creates a calmness alike to water, all whilst being perfectly suited to withstanding daily use in busy dining environments.

The ceramic collection, available in pure white and cool grey provides a luxurious feel.

Other materials include a clear and smoked glass finish, or with its natural muted pastel tones melamine. Scape catering tableware has a beautifully modest serenity which effortlessly enhances any dining experience.

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