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Freestyle sighting at the Peacock at Barlow, Chesterfield

17 August 2017

Surrounded by the idyllic Derbyshire countryside and loved dearly by locals, the Peacock at Barlow is a traditional country pub which instantly makes guests feel at home. The cuisine served combines modern comforts with heritage and tradition and is prepared using only the finest local ingredients. For simple comfort food and an unhurried atmosphere which is always welcoming, the Peacock at Barlow is the perfect choice.

The picture illustrates this perfectly as it shows a delicious looking dish which is presented on Steelite International’s FreeStyle catering tableware. With simple yet elegant curves which sit seamlessly on the tabletop, FreeStyle allows the dish to take centre stage. The modest sophistication of FreeStyle makes it the perfect choice for a variety of dining experiences, from modern fine dining, to casual bistro and café dining.

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