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Koto sighted at the Jamboree Foodfest & Bar, Manchester

28 July 2017

For feel good food which celebrates flavours from around the world and a friendly atmosphere which is perfect for relaxing with friends and family, the Jamboree Foodfest and Bar in Manchester is the place to go. Specialising in handmade burgers and grilled cuisine, Jamboree is the home of hearty food which guarantees to leave guests feeling satisfied. The picture illustrates this perfectly as it shows a delicious sharing platter which is presented on Steelite International’s Koto. Inspired by ancient Japanese Tenmoku glazes and hand finished to produce a warm, organic, and lustrous effect, Koto complements the casual dining environment perfectly whilst the rich tones of the carefully selected piece of catering crockery contrasts beautifully with the vibrant cuisine served.

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