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Optik sighted at Kimo's Restaurant, Hawaii

6 April 2017

Optik from the Steelite Distinction range has been sighted at Kimo’s Restaurant in Hawaii with an exquisite Maui dish placed upon it.

Situated in the historic town Lahaina, Kimo’s has been a popular casual dining venue for over thirty years and is renowned for its friendly atmosphere, picturesque views and delicious cuisine which is beautifully displayed on Optik restaurant tableware.

With swirling contours and curves which create natural highlights and shadows, Optik restaurant tableware complements the delicately arranged dish effortlessly whilst exuding an air of sophistication and elegance. Combined with its unmistakable outward beauty, Optik also ensures long lasting body strength. For enticing designs and show stopping food presentation again and again, Optik is the perfect choice.

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