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Terramesa spotted at Ember Yard in London

23 April 2019

The Ember Yard tapas bar and restaurant has shared another photo of a delicious looking Steelite Sighting. Situated in the heart of Soho, London, the restaurant specialises in serving authentic Spanish and Italian small plates which are cooked over an open charcoal fire. Each dish served brings with it an enticing trail of smoky aromas whilst the presentations are simple and refined. With its welcoming ambience and mouth-watering dishes which are bursting with flavour, a visit to the Ember Yard is a must for anyone looking to try authentic Mediterranean cuisine. The dish pictured reflects this perfectly as it shows a delicious looking starter which is presented on Steelite International’s Terramesa catering tableware. Combining natural earthy tones with flowing smooth shapes and a lustrous glaze, the carefully selected tableware provides chefs with the perfect canvas for creating beautiful food presentations.

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