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Willow sighting at Trawler Trash, London

15 January 2018

Willow from the Steelite International Distinction range has been spotted at Trawler Trash, a contemporary seafood restaurant in London.

Originally home to one of London’s oldest fish and chip shops, today Trawler Trash combines heritage and tradition with modern culinary techniques to deliver dishes which are brimming with creativity and passion. Each dish is freshly prepared using locally sourced produce and the restaurant places a strong emphasis on bringing lesser-known flavours to the tabletop. Adding a modern and innovative touch to a great British classic, Trawler Trash is perfect for a meal with family or friends any day of the year. The cuisine served mirrors this perfectly as the picture shows a simple yet mouth-watering main which is presented on one of Steelite International’s Willow catering plates.

With a flawless white finish and delicate embossments which frame the centre of the plate, Willow accentuates the bright colours and textures of the meal perfectly, adding an air of elegance and sophistication to a great British classic.

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